Projects will only be conducted in the countries selected within the

Indo-Australian Realm.

Regions falling under this realm include

South Asia, Southeast Asia and New Guinea.


The single countries can be selected on the left.


Once a country has been selected, general information on that country is provided , e.g. geography, topography, climate etc.

This information document is attempted to be based on most recent databases, references and links.  


Each country provides another additional link " Natural history research".

This information site will prove to be the most important one for researchers. WHY?


Here every researcher will be able to find all relevant information regarding past and current biological research in that specific country. The database will be allocated to topics, species etc.

Based on that information, CoSIAR will inform on outstanding, long-overdue and contemporary field studies to be conducted and who could be suitable counterparts and personal points of contact.


The potential research candidate may contact CoSIAR staff to request further information.


CoSIAR will provide links to universities who have supervised and conducted research in a specific country.   



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